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High abrasion First class book

We have put together a selection of our best upholstery textured solids (110 sku’s) that offer high performance qualities perfect for the contract industries. This wide selection will appeal to the specifiers who like to have a large color palette to choose from in a very competitive price range. treatments are options available for added performance. See below for the advantages.


With Avant Garde contract, you can customize your Fabrics to meet specific performance qualities requested by Healthcare, hospitality, institutional, educational, entertainment or residential spaces. Using one of the following treatments or combining them gives you the advantage of enhancing  your fabric with the exact characteristic that it needs, no more, no less…

 Soil and Stain repellent: will provide a spill and stain resistant treatment that aggressively repels liquids and stains such as coffee, soda, wine, mustard, salad dressing, blood, urine, and iodine

 Antimicrobial: will provide an anti-microbial resistant treatment that will reduce odors and stains caused by microbes including bacteria, fungi and algae and avoid degradation

 Moisture Barrier: will provide a complete barrier to liquids and contaminates making them easily cleanable breathable and comfortable. 


  • All treatments bond with the fabric and will last for its lifetime.
  • Maintains natural hand
  • Can be easily cleaned with all cleaning agents including detergents and solvents
  • 100% antimony-free recyclable polyester barrier
  • Contains no formaldehyde, arsenic, tin, heavy metals or silver your investment has durable protection
  • Very competitive price range